Scheduling System aims to solve the problem of scheduling issue tracker tickets involving multiple projects. Most issue trackers (or at least Trac, which I use) don't let you to schedule all tickets over a timeline. The original objective is to get done the 6th item of the Joel Test (Do you have an up-to-date schedule?). Currently this project is in early design phase. Actually I've abandoned it, with the hope of returning sometime.

Suppose that you have several Trac projects in which you manage issues for different projects. Trac (and most of the issue management software) does not keep track of the schedule (start date, estimated finish date) for the tickets. With Scheduling System, you would manage the estimated (scheduled) time for tickets/resources, and track accuracy (estimated/actual) of past tickets. It would be nice to see the ticket timeline for all developers in a single place.

If you're interested you can always contact me via fatih[at]

For the curious, here are some mockups;