For a long long time people obsessed with silence have been trying different setups to reduce the noise from PC chassis. Moving the chassis to another room is often regarded as impractical. I have always thought it could be possible, and finally did it two years ago. I have been enjoying the absolute silence since then, and here is how I did it.

Here is the final state, my current working environment.


Look ma, no cables under the desk, no chassis, no noise!

View from the back, no cable clutter;

OMG! Where is the PC chassis? :)

Closer look to the cabling. Three cables going to the other room are; monitor cable 1 (DVI), monitor cable 2 (HDMI) and USB extension cables.

Yes, we're going out of the room;

Going to the next room;

Entering to the cabinet;

Finally, here are the PC chassis, UPS, modem, printer, etc.;

That's it. All you need is 10m HDMI and USB extension cables. Let me know what you think in the comments below.